Terra/Aqua/SNPP/NOAA-20 Product Calibration/Validation Team (PCT)

Jeffrey Czapla-Myers
Validation of Aqua and Terra Surface Reflectance Products Using the Automated Radiometric Calibration Test Site (RadCaTS)

The proposed work will continue to utilize data produced by the University of Arizona’s (UArizona) Radiometric Calibration Test Site (RadCaTS) at Railroad Valley, Nevada. The radiometric calibration and surface reflectance validation data from RadCaTS provides an assessment of imaging sensors such as MODIS and VIIRS, and it is independent of their onboard calibration subsystems. Year 1 efforts include the routine processing of RadCaTS data, which are then appended to the UArizona MODIS and VIIRS results.

Simon Hook
In Flight Validation of MODIS/VIIRS Mid and Thermal Infrared Data and Products

NASA has identified the provision of a well-calibrated, multi-year and multi-satellite data and product series as a key requirement to meet its goal of utilizing global measurements to understand the Earth system and predict its behavior. In order to help meet this requirement, we have established a set of automated validation sites which make all the necessary measurements to validate mid and thermal infrared data and product series from airborne and satellite data. We will use data from these sites to validate the ASTER and MODIS mid and thermal infrared data and product series, in particular, the radiance at sensor and land surface temperature products.

Univeristy of Arizona