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NASA Earth Science Data Records

The NASA ROSES-13 call for the S-NPP Science Team was for both a Science Team that would produce NASA Earth Observing System (EOS) continuity data products and for the establishment of multiple Science Investigator-led Processing Systems (SIPS) that would produce the science data products developed by the science teams. 

The science team focuses on producing refined and/or new data products in addition to the standard Earth System Data Records (ESDRs). In this way, NASA assures the continuity of high-quality EOS data products for Earth system science and applications are available for all.

In order to generate and distribute NASA Suomi-NPP VIIRS Land Science products the teams must first develop Algorithm Theoretical Basis Documents (ATBDs) prior to transferring for operational processing at the NASA SIPS. Once this transition occurs, the data can be delivered for long-term archiving and distribution through one of the Distributed Active Archive Centers (DAACs). Most of the VIIRS Land products have their heritage in MODIS product algorithms. The VIIRS Land Discipline Team, the Land SIPS, and the Validation leads have established priorities and phased plans for producing Suomi NPP Land Science Products (see table below).

Note that the Collection 2 (C2) reprocessing also includes includes the JPSS-1 (J1) VIIRS, and the cross calibration of SNPP and J1 to provide continuity with MODIS, using Aqua MODIS as the reference sensor.

NASA EOS Products Collection 1
(updated 5/17/2021)
Collection 2
(updated 2023)
Surface Reflectance
  • Algorithms delivered and integrated to SIPS

  • Processing of mission period data complete and forward processing in progress

  • Products available to public from DAACs (except Burned Area)

  • ATBDs and User Guides available

  • To be decommissioned 1 year after the completion of C2 reprocessing (early 2024)
  • Reprocessing of SNPP and NOAA-20 (from 2018) to be completed and available Mar 2023

  • Early mission period (2012-2018) reprocessing to commence in Mar 2023

  • ATBDs aand User Guides available
Active Fires
Vegetation Index
Ice Surface Temp
Sea Ice Cover
  • Algorithms delivered to SIPS

  • Product Integration and Testing continues

  • Some ATBDs available
Black Marble
Burned Area
  • Not available in this Collection
Water Reservoir


NASA's VIIRS Land SIPS generates science data products using algorithms and software developed by the Suomi NPP science teams and delivers the products to NASA-designated DAACs for archive and distribution.

The latest version with the best and most current algorithms is the processing known as VIIRS Collection 1 or C1. Collection 2 reprocessing is being planned to begin in March 2022.

VIIRS Processing by the Land SIPS

Land SIPS processing will be separated into three separate modes, all operating simultaneously:

  • Standard Processing Mode
  • Create the best possible science quality global VIIRS L1B and Land L2/L3 products that are processed and reprocessed. This uses the highest fidelity input data sources (requires 24-48 hour delay). Land L2/L3 products are delivered to LP and NSIDC DAACs.

  • Near Real-Time (NRT) Processing Mode
  • Creates low latency (< 3 hours) global VIIRS products only in the forward stream within the Land, Atmosphere Near Real-Time Capability for EOS (LANCE) system.