NASA Vegetation Index Products

Product User GuidePI - Kamel Didan (University of Arizona)
Product ATBDCo-Is: Compton Tucker (GSFC), Armando Barreto (U of A), Jorge Pinzon (SSAI/GSFC)

Vegetation Indices from the Suomi NPP VIIRS Sensor Extending the EOS-MODIS VI Science Algorithm

Demonstrating continuity of VI product

Showing 1:1 correlation with AQUA NDVI, differences mostly due to cloud, data QA issues,
and snow

This product build on the ~34 year multi-sensor VI record (AVHRR + MODIS + VIIRS) and continues this highly valuable and unique long term VI data record (NDVI, EVI, EVI2), and establishes a future and longer term outlook for VI climate data records and Earth System Data Records(continuity).

The proposed product suite includes a MODIS continuity plan with the EVI-3 index (at all resolutions). However EVI has some issues that were typically addressed by adopting a backup algorithm (the previous soil-adjusted vegetation index [SAVI] then a new 2-band EVI) in addition to the blue band incompatibility and poor signal-to-noise ratio. We plan to introduce the new 2-band EVI and begin the phase out of the 3-band EVI).

We plan to use the MODIS QA constrained view angle maximum values composite method (16-day and monthly), sorting the data based on QA, and then selecting the observations with the smallest view zenith angle. We also plan to introduce a new dynamic compositing algorithm (quasi-daily), to reduce data loss in vegetated areas not prone to clouds and improve vegetation monitoring and change detection/phenology work.

The products are provided in standard Hierarchical Data Format–Earth Observing System (HDF-EOS5) format. Currently, this collection is available from January 19, 2012 and forward.  Products from the VIIRS sensor aboard JPSS-1 (J1) will be also be available starting in mid-2023.


Product Details and DAAC Links

Product Name SNPP JPSS-1
Vegetation Indices 16-Day L3 Global 500 m SIN Grid VNP13A1 VJ113A1
Vegetation Indices 16-day L3 Global 1 km SIN Grid VNP13A2 VJ113A2
Vegetation Indices Monthly L3 Global 1 km SIN Grid VNP13A3 VJ113A3
Vegetation Indices 16-Day L3 Global 0.05 Deg CMG VNP13C1 VJ113C1
Vegetation Indices Monthly L3 Global 0.05 Deg CMG VNP13C2 VNP13C2