NASA Water Reservoir Products

Product User GuidePI - Huilin Gao (Texas A&M University)
Product ATBD

Generation of the VIIRS Water Reservoir Product

Figure 1

The NASA VIIRS Water Reservoir Product provides data for 164 global reservoirs, which includes:

  • 8-day reservoir area, elevation, and storage values
  • Monthly reservoir area, elevation, storage, evaporation rate, and evaporation volume values

The algorithm is adopted from the algorithm for the Collection 6.1 MODIS Global Water Reservoir Product, with the VIIRS NIR reflectance data (VNP09H1) and the LST (VNP21A2) as the primary inputs. The Global Water Reservoir Product is a new MODIS Terra/Aqua product within MODIS Collection 6.1.


Product Details and DAAC links

Product Name SNPP JPSS-1
Burned Area Monthly L4 Global 500m SIN Grid VNP64A1 VNP64A1