NASA Snow Cover Products

Product User Guide PI - George Riggs (SSAI GSFC)
Product ATBD Co-I: Dorothy HALL (NASA GSFC)

VIIRS Snow Cover Product

VIIRS snow product

NDSI snow cover dataset from the VNP10 product for 24 January 2016, 1810
UTC. The snow cover is the result of a winter storm that affected the region
during January 22-23.

The NASA Suomi-NPP VIIRS snow cover algorithm was adapted from the MODIS Collection 6 snow cover algorithm. The snow cover algorithm uses the Normalized Snow Difference Index (NDSI) to detect snow cover. The algorithm theory and performance are well understood and have been demonstrated from evaluation and validation of the MODIS snow cover product.

The NASA VIIRS snow cover algorithms and data products in C1 have been significantly revised and data content has been increased compared to the original NOAA-Interface Data Processing Segment (IDPS) snow cover products that were developed based on the MODIS Collection 5 (C5) snow cover algorithms.

The NASA VIIRS sequence of snow cover products, from the Level-2 swath product VNP10, to the daily gridded tile product VNP10A1 is similar to the MODIS sequence of products. The VIIRS swath and Level 3 products are produced at 375m resolution, while the equivalent MODIS products are produced at 500m resolution. Newly added isthe cloud-gap-filled daily product VNP101AF.

The VIIRS snow cover products are produced at the NASA Land Science Investigator-led Processing System (SIPS) located at Goddard Space Flight Center, in Greenbelt, MD and archived at the National Snow and Ice Data Center located in Boulder, CO.


Product Details

Product Name Product ID
NPP/VIIRS Snow Cover 6-Min L2 Swath 375m VNP10
NPP/VIIRS Snow Cover Daily L3 Global 375m SIN Grid VNP10A1
NPP/VIIRS Snow Cover Cloud-Gap-Filled Daily L3 Global 375m SIN Grid VNP10A1F



Snow Cover Validation Plan

Validation approach and metrics

  • Comparison to other snow cover maps at local, regional, and global scales
  • Comparison with ground station data sets of snow depth
  • Accuracy matrix used as a metric

Intercomparison with concurrent satellite products

  • Landsats 7 and 8
  • MODIS Terra and Aqua

Campaigns and collaborations of opportunity

  • Satellite Snow Product Intercomparison and Evaluation Exercise (SnowPEx)
  • SnowEx