Alexei Lyapustin (NASA GSFC)
Co-Is: Y. Wang (UMBC), S. Korkin (USRA)

Generation of Advanced VIIRS Land-Atmosphere Product Suite with Algorithm MAIAC

LST Emissivity algorithms

The NASA multiangle implementation of atmospheric correction (MAIAC) algorithm includes the following products:

  • Cloud Mask (including dynamic LWS mask); AOT, AE, aerosol type (background/smoke/dust)
  • BRDF (RossThick-LiSparse) model; BRF (or surface reflectance: @ 0.375km for I-bands);
  • Snow grain size (mm) and sub-pixel snow fraction (@ 0.75km).

The algorithm will accumulate and dynamically update 'static' surface information for cloud detection, aerosol retrievals, atmospheric correction, and snow retrievals. The MAIAC product is a new MODIS Terra/Aqua product within MODIS Collection 6.

The MAIAC validation plan includes the following:

  • Cloud Mask (CALIPSO): comparison of MAIAC, MODIS and VIIRS Cloud Masks
  • Aerosol: broad cross-team NASA/NOAA MODIS/VIIRS product intercomparison & analysis
  • AERONET (aerosol)
  • AERONET and MODIS subsets (ASRVN) - BRDF/BRF validation
  • Comparison with MODIS & VIIRS SR products (spectral; spatial; angular and temporal metrics)


Product Details and DAAC links

Product Name SNPP JPSS-1
Land Surface BRF Daily L2G Global 500 m SIN Grid VNP19A1 VJ164A1
Land Aerosol Optical Depth Daily L2G Global 1 km SIN Grid VNP19A2 VJ164A1
BRDF Model Parameters daily L3 Global 1 km SIN Grid VNP19A1 VJ164A3