VIIRS Black Marble Nighttime Light Product Validation

(November 2019)

Version 1 Validation Statement

Validation at stage 1 has been achieved for the Black Marble nighttime light products (VNP46). The evaluation activity from a stable point light source deployed in Puerto Rico indicates that the Black Marble NTL product can successfully detect a daily change of 0.45 nW cm-2 sr-1(Román et al., 2018).

Extensive benchmark tests at representative spatial and temporal scales were conducted on the VNP46 time series record (Collection 1) to characterize the uncertainties stemming from upstream data sources. Initial validation results are presented in Román et al., (2018) together with example case studies illustrating the scientific utility of the products. This includes an evaluation of temporal patterns of nighttime light (NTL) dynamics associated with rapid urbanization, socioeconomic factors, cultural characteristics, and the living conditions of displaced populations affected by natural hazards and conflict.

BM nighttime lights over India

Figure 1. NTL View Zenith Angle and Aerosol Optical Depth Benchmark test #1. The Daily VIIRS TOA (cloud-corrected at-sensor DNB radiances) and the VNP46A2 product (cloud-free, atmospheric-, seasonal-, and moonlight BRDF-corrected DNB nighttime radiances) are shown in the first and second panels, respectively, during near- to full-moon conditions. Cloudy pixels were left visible in the TOA product for viewing purposes. Benchmark test #1 is plotted in the right panel for each scene, TOA in red, VNP46A2 in blue. For reference, the threshold (Lmin=3.0 nW cm-2 sr-1) and breakthrough (Lmin=0.5 nW cm-2 sr-1) performance specifications are shown as black-dotted and solid horizontal lines, respectively.


Supporting Studies

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